Intelligent software solutions that you can trust

Enterprise Knowledge Management Systems & Innovative Digital Platforms that are designed to improve performance of healthcare providers.

Why Choose DocNotes

Visionary Leadership

We are pioneers in the space of healthcare knowledge management systems & are led by a multidisciplinary team of serial entrepreneurs, accomplished physicians & technocrats.

Advanced Technology

We leverage advanced technology to create solutions that add value to clients’ healthcare activities.

24/7 Support

Supported by an agile engineering team that is adept at creating user-friendly enterprise software solutions & trouble-shooting through challenging scenarios.

Secure solutions

Our software solutions are not just innovative or cost-effective but fully HIPAA-HITECH compliant.

Introducing CaseCellar™ : Our Flagship Product

Vendor Neutral

Integrate directly with PACS, RIS & EMR

Cloud-Based: Facilitates scaling to any practice size without impacting IT infrastructure

Designed by healthcare providers for healthcare providers

Customizable for unique client needs

Can be licensed directly from us

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